When on Windows 11 Insider build 22526, and you don’t see the experimental Alt & Tab View, you can activate it as followed.

ALT TAB – Picture from FireCube

Open PowerShell as Admin

  • Open up the vivetool folder in PowerShell where you saved and unpacked it.
  • When in the vivetool folder, copy and paste the following: vivetool.exe addconfig 36226836 2 in the PowerShell terminal and hit enter.
  • When done this, the Alt & Tab View should be active.
  • You can disable the function with: vivetool.exe delconfig 36226836 2 the same way.

The second choice is to use some simple reg tweaks, which you can download here. You can enable or disable the new feature with a simple right-click using the reg tweaks.

Download: vivetool

Another nice one Geoni came up with is: 

If you want to show all gpus in about page in Windows 11 Settings you can enable with vivetool: vivetool addconfig 27974039 2 after that restart settings app.

Geoni Settings
Settings Page

That’s it.