Windows 11 Ultimate Windows Tweaker 5

Windows 11 Ultimate Windows Tweaker 5
Windows 11 Ultimate Windows Tweaker 5

The newly released Ultimate Windows Tweaker 5 with support for Windows 11 is online for grabs. It’s an amazing tweak utility that brings you more than 200 tweaks, and this is for a program that is only 219 KB in size.

It can make your OS more secure, faster, and personal. Furthermore, it’s really worth giving it a shot.

New in Windows 11 Ultimate Windows Tweaker 5

  • A new tab has been added for Windows 11
  • Option to control Taskbar size
  • Add option to revert to Ribbon UI in File Explorer
  • Option to restore Windows 10 styled context menu
  • Tweak to customize Taskbar Content Alignment
  • Option to remove Open In Windows Terminal option from Desktop Context Menu
  • Option to hide the recommended list from Start Menu
  • Option to enable classic Alt+Tab Menu
  • Option to disable Transparency effects throughout Windows 11
  • Option to enable accent color for Start menu and taskbar.
  • Several privacy tweaks are there under the Privacy section.
  • Many tweaks in Context Menu for Store Apps to support Windows 11.
  • It calculates Windows Experience Index from the main page. Click on Run assessment to recalculate the WEI.
  • You can Run DISM and SFC command to fix corrupted system image or files with a click
  • Refreshed design with command link buttons
  • The Internet Explorer section has been removed
  • Hover over a tweak, and get the description at the bottom of the tweaker.