Windows 11 WSA PacMan Android Package Manager
Windows 11 WSA PacMan Android Package Manager

Windows 11 has received the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA), and maybe you are looking for easy ways to make use of this new feature.

One of them is using WSATools from the developer ‪Simone Franco‬, a nifty little tool you can use to install your favorite Android apps.

But there is some new competition on the horizon, a second tool called WSA-Pacman. The app comes as an installer version and as a portable release. Using the portable version makes it easier to try out WSA-Pacman without installing it on your system.

However, with WSA-Pacman, it’s real easy to install Android apps by just double-clicking them.

Currently, the latest release is WSA-Pacman v1.1.0. WSA-Packman comes with Mica transparency effect, so that’s something you don’t have to miss out on while using WSA- PacMan on Windows 11.

Latest changes in Windows 11 WSA PacMan

  • Add ‘legacy icons’ option
  • Add option to auto-start WSA on apk installer
  • Detect when WSA is shut down to avoid running adb
  • WSA status is now reported more accurately
  • Add button to start WSA if powered-off

Download and More: WSAP-Update