As can be seen on GS-StatCounter, Windows 11’s distribution isn’t improving much compared to the stats from March.

Windows 10 still easily leads the way with a market share of 73.25%, and Windows 11 still lags behind quite a bit with 8.79%. The funny thing is, that the market share of Windows 7 is still 12.62%. As you can see, Windows 10 is still far superior.

Windows and Browser Statistics
Windows Statistics

I don’t think this will improve or change any time soon, given the high system requirements needed to install Windows 11, and all the funny stuff Microsoft wants to put into Windows 11, like stickers. As I see it, a waste of time, money, and resources.

Another thing, the ongoing discussion about Windows 11’s taskbar doesn’t really help with this either. The constant changes made in Windows 11 do not really help with this. The same can be seen in the development of the Edge browser.

Browser Statistics
Browser Statistics

Edge also shows that the market share lags far behind the share of Google Chrome. Google Chrome has a share of 64.3% and Edge comes with a small market share of 4.03%.

Even Safari does a lot better. It has a share of 19.12%.