Windows File Explorer app version 1.0

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The new file explorer app version 1.0 is making good progress to become a full-fledged modern app for daily use. In this new version 1.0, some new functions have been added, and working with tabs is very useful in this app. The new app no longer has a preview status.

New Features in version 1.0

  • Enabled search inside hidden directories (#2679)
  • Added an option to search unindexed items (#2681)
  • Drive Widget details are now hidden when they are not available (#2704)
  • Allow different layout modes and sort directions for individual directories (#2667)
  • Implemented a dual-pane feature (#2727)

Bug Fixes in version 1.0

  • Fixed an issue where thumbnails would become blurry when switching layout modes (#2669)
  • Fixed an issue where the “Create New File” option wouldn’t always work (#2702)
  • Fixed an issue where holding the Ctrl key when using the selection rectangle would clear the current selection (#2716)
  • Fixed an issue where there was a delay when deleting items (#2738)
  • Fixed an issue where trying to move a parent directory to a child directory would crash the app (#2742)
  • Show a dialog to resolve conflicts when transferring an item and the destination already exits (#2712)

Download: Microsoft Store