Windows Terminal 1.10.2383.0 Released

Windows Terminal 1.10.2383.0
Windows Terminal 1.10.2383.0

Microsoft released Windows Terminal build 1.10.2383.0. As usual, the new build comes with many fixes and a few changes.

Changed and Fixed in Windows Terminal 1.10.2383.0

  • Automatically created profiles can now be deleted
  • Terminal now optionally displays a tray icon and minimizes windows to it. See alwaysShowTrayIcon (boolean, default false) and minimizeToTray (boolean, default false) in the settings JSON file. This feature is not yet present in the Settings UI, an oversight that we hope to fix before 1.12.
  • You can now set special fonts and custom axis values!
  • This works great with Cascadia Code’s new alternative italic style. You can also disable ligatures in any font it supports by setting the calt, clig, or dlig functions to 0.
  • In version 1.10, the new preset was set to both bold and bright, but we reset it to bright until we fixed some text rendering issues. Set intenseTextStyle (flag enum, default light, options bold, bright, all) in each profile
  • There is a new “Share Tab” entry in the context menu of each tab that shares the active profile
  • Terminal now supports the display of the title bar¹ or the tab line with the acrylic material. Setting key: useAcrylicInTabRow (Boolean, default false)
  • There is a new “fuzzy appearance” editor at the bottom of the Appearance page
  • the keyboard layout now supports the browser keys found on some keyboards newer than, say, 2000
  • You can now open a new tab by placing a new folder on the + button (!)
  • Those of you with international keyboards can now specify very specific key assignments for “virtual key” codes or scan codes

Download: WT-Update