Windows Terminal 1.12.1073 with major changes

Windows Terminal 1.12.1073 with major changes
Windows Terminal 1.12.1073 with major changes

Microsoft released a new Windows Terminal, bringing a major change. As you are used to, Windows Terminal is normally for use on Windows 10 or Windows 11.

However, the new release is coming in two bundles instead of the general one. The Windows 11 version is smaller and Microsoft no longer has to work around platform issues related to dependencies.

The second version is for use on Windows 10 or Windows11. And finally, there are also a lot of fixes and changes made, you can read about down below.

Changes in Windows Terminal 1.12.1073


  • Terminal can once again be configured as a startup application and can be detected by tools like PowerToys (#12491)
  • There was a puzzling “Element not found” error during settings loading; there is no longer such an error (#12687)
  • Terminal will no longer mix up profiles when it is launched in response to a console application spawning (#12484)
  • Formatted copy will now try harder to preserve Unicode characters in RTF (#12586) (thanks @ianjoneill!)
  • We have replaced the word “Summon” with “Show/Hide” in the command palette for improved localization (#12603)
  • Our confidence in the settings UI’s Save button has led to us no longer backing up the settings JSON file (#12652)
    • We won’t be deleting the 61,000 backups we did leave on your hard drive, but what’s a couple of thousand kilobytes between friends?


  • Terminal now announces newly-printed text to any attached screen reader (#12358)
  • Command palette search now tries to announce the number of results to the screen reader (#12429)


  • We won’t crash any longer if you give us a command line that is a directory (#12538) (thanks @ianjoneill!)
  • A crash on launch related to multi-windowing and the default terminal setting has been quashed (a subset of #12205)
  • Fixed a crash setting the hotkey during teardown (#12580)
  • Fixed a different pair of crashes, also likely related to default terminal handoff (#12666)
  • ScrollConsoleScreenBuffer no longer takes the console upstate (#12669)
  • Pressing Page Up or Page Down with an empty command palette, which seemed like a reasonable thing to do, was taught to not crash the Terminal (#12528)


  • Font axes/features once again work across a DPI change (#12492)

You can download Windows Terminal 1.12.1073 in the Microsoft Store, or both versions on GitHub.

Download: Windows 10 or 11 version