Windows Terminal 1.14.228 Update

Windows Terminal 1.14.228 Update
Windows Terminal 1.14.228 Update

Microsoft released a new Stable version of Windows Terminal build 1.14.228 to the public, bringing some nice changes and a lot of fixes. The new release is available for Windows 10 and for Windows 11 users.

Changed or fixed in Windows Terminal Stable 1.14.228

  • We’ve upgraded to XAML 2.7.3 to fix a crash in closing the Settings page (#13761)
  • The “Open Terminal Here” context menu item should show up more reliably (and crash less) (reverted PR #13206)
  • We’ve solved–or at least, reduced the incidence of–one source of deadlocks in rendering (#13758)
  • Terminal will no longer replace colored backgrounds with blank spaces on first launch (#13665)
  • We will once again display underlines, hyperlinks, and more to the end of the line instead of getting tired and stopping early (#13661)
  • SendInput with high unicode characters will no longer fail (#13667)
  • We’ve restored the ability for Alt+Tab to restore the Terminal after it was minimized with the taskbar icon (#13624)

Download: Update-Here