Windows Terminal 1.15.252 Released

Windows Terminal 1.15.252 Released
Windows Terminal 1.15.252 Released

Microsoft released a new updated Windows Terminal with build number 1.15.252 to the public.

Microsoft’s note: As a reminder, Terminal 1.12 was the last version of Windows Terminal that supports Windows 19H1 or 19H2.
That version of windows is going out of support soon, so you may want to consider upgrading.

Changelog for  Windows Terminal 1.15.252


  • When in mark mode, its built-in key bindings Ctrl+A and the modified arrow keys will take precedence over your key bindings (#13659)
  • We’ve polished how existing selections interact with mark mode (#13893)


  • @dansmor7 figured out that we don’t need to draw our caption buttons ourselves; now they look great on all versions of Windows! (#13341) (thanks!)

Bug Fixes


  • Terminal will now use the tab’s active title for Export Text (#13915) (thanks @serd2011!)
  • The Emoji picker, PinYin IME or any other IME will no longer drift off the bottom of the screen (oops) (#13785)


  • The Command Palette has become much chattier, announcing (to a screen reader) the name of the selected item (#13519)
  • Asking for INT_MAX characters via UIA will no longer wig us out or try to send you multiple gigabytes of null bytes (#13779)
    • However, it remains impolite to ask for INT_MAX characters via ITextPattern::GetText.


  • Terminal is now 1.2 megabytes smaller on disk (uncompressed) thanks to not using RTTI (#13947) (thanks RTTI!)


  • Fixed a number of crashes (smaller number than that in Preview), not all of which were common or user-impacting:
    • Attempted a fix for the SignalTextChanged crash (#13876)
    • Attempted another fix, this time for the _refreshSizeUnderLock crash (#13857)
    • Fixed a crash in _WritePseudoWindowCallback (#13777)
    • Fixed a crash on exit with the command palette open (#13778)
    • Fixed a race condition in UpdatePatternLocations (#13859)
    • Fixed two race conditions around pseudo window visibility (#13832)
    • Fixed a crash in NVDA, caused by us considering a specific text range invalid (#13907)
  • Terminal should now more reliably appear in the context menu

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