Windows Terminal 1.16.264 Preview Online

Windows Terminal 1.16.264 Preview Online
Windows Terminal 1.16.264 Preview Online

Microsoft released a new version of Windows Terminal Preview. The latest preview version comes with build number 1.16.264 and is released under the new name, Terminal Preview.

The new release is available for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Changelog for Windows Terminal 1.16.264 Preview


  • Terminal now understands the sizes of characters newly added in Unicode 15.0 (#14001)
  • We’ve added support for fractional font sizes (surprise! on a point release!) (#14013) (#14040)
    • If you’re using the new text rendering engine plus the Terminus TTF font, you can now select a font size that perfectly matches a bitmap strike . . . and it works!

Bug Fixes

New Rendering Engine

  • Bitmap fonts should look much better now (#14014)
    • As a side effect, we are now intentionally ignoring the typographic line gap. We have found that monospaced terminal fonts have a line gap of zero, and the ones that don’t should.
    • See above. Some bitmap fonts require fractional point sizes . . . so now you can see them in their full glory!
  • On devices that don’t support Shader Model 4.0 but do support DirectX 10, we will no longer try to use the glyph atlas (#13994)
    • … and if we did, we would no longer tell you about the error 10,000 times (#13995) (thanks to @Its-Nevmo and @noinkling for testing!)
  • No longer should there be streaks of cursor left all over the left side of the screen (#14038)
  • If you were to specify \e#3, we might have crashed before, but now we will not (#13966)
  • You can once again use shaders for experimental.pixelShaderPath that are not technically perfect (that is, ones that compile with warnings) (#13998) (thanks @mrange!)
  • Some text (especially that which requires fake italics) should now look less like a RaNsOm nOtE (#14039)
    • It might still look a little bit like a ransom note, sorry. Just less so.

Download: Pre-Release