Microsoft has released a new Windows Terminal Stable with version number 1.7.1033.0 today and is ready for download.

All features from the previous preview build are ready for use in the Stable build now.


  • When navigating and searching the command palette, Terminal will now announce more status changes to Narrator/NVDA (#9582)
  • Terminal now has a UI that you can use to edit your settings!
    • If you prefer JSON, do not fear! You can, of course, still get at that JSON file you know and love.
  • Opt-in single-instancing and window remote control
    • You can run a command in the current active window with wt -w 0, or in a specific window with wt -w 1 (or 23, …)
    • NOTE: Even in single instance mode, Terminal windows are isolated based on elevation status or user identity.
  • Profile fragments, which app developers can use to provide additional information to Terminal
  • you can now interact with hyperlinks when the application is in mouse mode (#9396) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  • Terminal Stable, Preview, and Dev will now use different shell extension IDs (#9510)
    • You may hate this one if you use a bunch of different Terminal installs…
  • scrollToBottom will no longer puzzlingly make the viewport jump to the … top? That can’t be right… (#9389) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  • In preview 1.7, we broke pixel shader loading. We’ve now unbroken it. (#9371)
  • The read-only tab dialog no longer treats Escape to mean “please yes, kill the read-only tab” (#9573) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  • You can now duplicate panes/tabs that have not yet told us their working directory (because we already know which one we started them in…) (#9397) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  • The settings UI sidebar will no longer appear as floating text over a transparent background (#9752)
  • If you try to (with a key binding) switch to a tab that does not exist, we will no longer send the resulting control sequence into the terminal (#9781) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  • The arrow keys will no longer dismiss the tab renamer (oops) (#9633) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  • The tab close menu will no longer circumvent read-only panes (#9571) (thanks @Don-Vito!)
  • We now propagate taskbar progress state in more places, so they should be more reliable (#9779) (thanks @Don-Vito!)


  • The browse buttons will no longer cause a crash when you’re running as Administrator (ugh) (#9760)
  • We’re going to immediately cease and desist shouting at you about totally valid font names (#9734)
    • Font fallback used to be detected by string comparison, so “JetBrains Mono” and “Jetbrains Mono” were considered to be different…
    • Sometimes we couldn’t find Cascadia, even though it’s in our package
    • We did not support localized names for fonts, so we thought that “MS ゴシック” and “MS Gothic” were two different fonts (they are not)
  • We’ve resolved a resource leak that resulted in Terminal slowing down, down, down over time (#9729)
    • This is @lhecker‘s first commit since he officially joined the team! Woo!
  • We will finally no longer crash when you display a bunch of wide glyphs and resize like crazy (MSFT !5903250) (#4907)
  • We’ve fixed a crash in the pattern buffer (thanks Miles O’Brien) (#9618)
  • App package fragments in invalid folders will no longer trip us up (#9477)
  • The shell extension lost 50% of its weight (yay!) (#9552)
  • We’ve shaved 120kb off OpenConsole.exe (#9581)
  • Terminal will no longer crash if you write weird empty nested commands in your settings.json file (#9495) (thanks @Don-Vito!)

Download: On GitHub

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