Microsoft released another Windows Terminal Preview with version number 1.7.572.0 today.

When interested you can download it down below.

Changes made in 1.7.572.0

  • This version of Terminal comes with Cascadia Code 2102.25, which contains a number of bug fixes to the 2102.03 release.
  • You can now suppress that somewhat annoying “Touch Keyboard and Dialogs That Stop Me From Doing My Job” service warning with the inputServiceWarning global settings (boolean; default true) (thanks @WVVxm!) (#9015)
  • The tab bell icon will now show up even when visual belling is disabled (#9212)
  • The zoom, bell, read-only and progress indicators will now show up in the tab switcher (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#9041) (#9076)
  • A number of keys that did not properly report their Ctrl status now do so (thanks @lhecker!) (#8870)
  • Leonard’s fixed Ctrl+Alt+2 to properly send ^[^@ (thanks @lhecker!) (#5272)
  • We’ve refactored how terminal settings propagate from your profile to a terminal, so please report any issues where your settings are lost/ignored/flicker/etc. (#8602)
  • URLs under the file scheme are no longer considered invalid (#7526)

Windows Terminal 1.7.572.0 prev

Bug Fixes made in 1.7.572.0

  • You can now navigate the tab color picker with the directional arrows (thanks @BenConstable9!) (#9144)
  • We will try not to dismiss the selection when you’re using a Windows-key shortcut (thanks @imaginary-person!) (#9163)
  • We’ve ensured that hyperlinks de-underline when the pointer leaves the terminal (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#9195)
  • The arrow keys should work in the tab switcher once more (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#9140)
  • The build system was leaving a stray 600kb file in our package, which we’ve now removed (making the package smaller!) (#9153)
  • Focus should now return to the terminal after you dismiss the tab rename field (thanks @Don-Vito!) (#9162)

Stable release:

Windows Terminal
Windows Terminal
Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: Free

Preview Release:

Windows Terminal Preview
Windows Terminal Preview
Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: Free

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