Microsoft released Windows Terminal build 1.10.2714.0 with some changes and fixes.

Microsoft: This release brings some assorted top-hitting bug fixes into the stable channel from the main development trunk.

If this looks very similar to the preview channel, you’re correct. These were heavy hitters, so we’re rolling out to the whole population as quickly as we can.

Fixed or changed

  • Eliminates hanging when starting Windows Server 2022 (and similar client versions of Windows) when the tablet input keyboard is enabled
  • Selecting text in terminal while Narrator is open no longer hangs
  • Fixes the keyChord constructor confirmation error when dragging tabs
  • Corrects the alignment of mouse coordinates when scrolling the viewport for all events, not just the Mouse Button Pressed event.
  • Delete selection on insertion
  • Fix serialization of the findMatch action to maintain the direction

Download: GitHub

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Windows Terminal
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