Windows Terminal Preview 1.13.10336.0

Windows Terminal Preview 1.13.10336.0
Windows Terminal Preview 1.13.10336.0

Microsoft released a new version of Windows Terminal Preview. The new preview version comes with build number 1.13.10336.0 and is released under the new name, Terminal Preview.

Microsoft announcement

  • Windows Terminal Preview is now named Terminal Preview! It will, of course, still be called wt under the hood.
    • Right now, you will not be able to find Windows Terminal _ (that is, with the “Windows” part) in the start menu. We are working with the search team to add a keyword match!
    • Sorry about your muscle memory. 🙁
  • 1.12 is the last version of Terminal that will support Windows 19H1 or 19H2
    •  Folks who are on the Preview channel on these versions of Windows will get a one-time upgrade to the last servicing release of 1.12.
    • This version of windows is going out of support soon, so you may want to consider upgrading.
    • You only need to install 1.12.10335.0 if you are on Windows 19H1 or 19H2; it is included here for completeness.

Download: WT-Update