Windows Terminal Stable

Windows Terminal Stable
Windows Terminal Stable

There is a new Windows Terminal stable version available for Windows 10 and Windows 11. You can download the new build in the Microsoft Store and on GitHub. The release brings many of the preview changes in Windows Terminal 1.13 to the Stable channel.

Microsoft: This version was made available to the Dev External flighting ring (Windows Insiders) first, and will be released to general availability one or two weeks later, depending on its reliability.

Changelog for Windows Terminal Stable



  • @dansmor7 contributed some visual changes to the tabs, scrollbar, new tab button, caption buttons, color picker, settings UI, command palette, and search box to move us closer to the Windows 11 design language. Really just about any WinUI surface we have, it’s been polished up! (thanks @dansmor7!) (#12913) (#12916) (#12973) (#13083)
  • RadioButtons in the settings UI have been replaced with ComboBoxes. This gives an added bonus to keyboard and screen reader users, and makes it easier to navigate through and change these settings. (#12833)


  • Terminal is now aware of toggled state for Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and Num Lock (#12823) (thanks @matkaas!)


  • The trimBlockSelection global setting now defaults to true (#12737)
  • Terminal now ignores newTab actions with a profile index greater than the number of profiles (#11621)
  • bellSound is now in the schema (#13035) (thanks @pizzaz93!)


  • Terminal should be able to find Cascadia Mono… Third time’s the charm? 🍀 (#12904)
  • commandline in profile.defaults should no longer override the commandlines of profiles that specify cmd.exe or powershell.exe. (#12906)
  • Get rid of a memory leak in onecore interactivity (#12340)
  • Screen readers can now read some settings in the UI better (#13032)
  • Replace “acrylic” with “acrylic material” for localization purposes (#12505)
  • The “close tab” button color now matches the tab text color (#13018) (thanks @ianjoneill!)


  • Fix a crash when deleting the last profile in the settings UI (#13044)

Download: WT-Update