Windows Terminal Stable 1.11.3471.0 Download

Windows Terminal Stable 1.11.3471.0 Download
Windows Terminal Stable 1.11.3471.0 Download

Microsoft released Windows Terminal stable update yesterday.

There is also a new preview version, Windows Terminal Preview 1.12.3472.0. For those who are interested to update your current Windows Terminal, you can download the updates down below on the Microsoft GitHub page.

Changes in Stable and Preview

  • the default terminal option now works on computers that do not have visual c++ redistributable installed
  • Splitting a non-focused tab no longer causes the terminal to be shot into space
  • All alternative character set slots are now set to ASCII by default
  • The path of the background image should now be displayed again in the settings
  • AltGr should work again in the settings interface
  • When updating fragments that update multiple profiles, we no longer get confused and upset
  • There is again a window border when using Win+↓ in full-screen mode
  • Launching additional applications in “standard terminal” windows has been made more reliable
  • The opacity slider now reappears when it should (and disappears when it shouldn’t), not the other way around
  • We made the mistake of printing hexadecimal error codes with negative signs (oops); we have corrected this
  • Recognized URLs are no longer offset by complex Unicode characters on the same line
  • on windows server the display in terminal no longer appears in the style of a “ransom note”

Download: Windows-Terminal-Update