Windows Terminal Stable 1.14.186 released

Windows Terminal Stable 1.14.186 released
Windows Terminal Stable 1.14.186 released

Microsoft released a new Stable version of Windows Terminal build 1.14.186 to the public, bringing some nice changes and a lot of fixes. The new release is available for Windows 10 and for Windows 11 users.

Changed or fixed in Windows Terminal Stable 1.14.186

  • Keyboard selection now works better with copyOnSelect.
  • Keyboard selection is now limited to the scrollable area.
  • “Open settings file” commands now explicitly mention “JSON” for easier searching.
  • An accelerator key is now defined for the “Open in Terminal” shell extension.
  • We no longer crash when using the Default Terminal setting in the settings UI.
  • The Default Terminal banner is now hidden if you opened a session via default terminal.
  • [O is no longer output erroneously from focus events for clients of libuv like neovim.
  • We no longer crash when a screen reader is reading from a CLI app using the alt buffer.
  • Deleting the last profile in the settings UI no longer causes a crash.
  • Opening Windows Terminal via the Win+X menu no longer occasionally crashes.
  • The “Open in Terminal” shell extension is now hidden when accessing a non-filesystem path like “Quick Actions”.
  • Clearing the screen via cls or Clear-Host won’t leave behind an erroneous line of text
  • Default Terminal sessions now properly pass focus events when opened.
  • The terminal will now use Unicode 14.0 to determine the width of some Unicode characters.
  • We will no longer try to launch wsl to ask it to tell us about distributions when it’s obvious that you don’t have any.
  • We’ve fixed a minor race condition in default terminal handoff that impacted nobody.
  • The tab’s context menu now has “Find” as an option.
  • SetConsoleWindowInfo can no longer crash a terminal tab.
  • An occasional crash while opening the settings UI has been stomped out.

Download: Update-Here