Microsoft released a quick servicing update to address a few issues in the 1.5 stable release.

This release comes with a few minor changes and fixes as shown below.

Changes in version 1.5.10411.0:

  • This version of Windows Terminal comes with Cascadia Code 2102.03, which offers 23 bug fixes, support for new glyphs, control pictures, infinite arrow ligatures and more! (#9088)
  • If you completely delete settings.json while WT is running, it will now generate a new one (#9012)

Fixed in version 1.5.10411.0:

  • The window titlebar, once a sacred place, will now be updated correctly when terminal titles and tabs change (thanks @sarim!) (#9054)

Improved Reliability and Performance:

  • The “Open Windows Terminal Here” shell extension will no longer throw a cryptic error about servers (thanks @hereafter!) (#8977)
  • The terminal should no longer crash if you close a tab while it’s printing text [whoops] (thanks @j4james!) (#8982)
  • schemes:[] or schemes:[{}] should no longer cause a crash on launch (#8995)
    • (There were a few scenarios that would cause this, but this is the easiest to write a release note about.)
  • We had to disable the “Close…” submenu because of a platform issue that resulted in a crash (#9102)

Download: on GitHub

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