WinRar 6.20 Final Released

WinRar 6.20 Final Released
WinRar 6.20 Final Released

The compression app that most of us know for a long time now has been released as a final update. It’s WinRAR 6.20, and It’s ready for download. The new final version brings some bug fixes and other changes.

Changes in WinRar 6.20 Final

  • Automatic password detection for RAR 5.0 and ZIP archives
  • Additional archive analysis is performed when only a subset of files in a RAR archive includes
  • The option “Save original archive name and time” can be applied when saving.
  • Faster RAR5 compression of hard-to-compress data with CPUs with 8 or more threads.
  • The efficiency of the Repair command has been improved for mixed data blocks in RAR5 archives protected with recovery recordings.
  • If the file size has increased after archiving when creating non-solid RAR volumes, this file will be saved without compression
  • Added decompression of .zipx archives containing file references
  • Decompress .zst archives in long-range mode with a directory larger than 128 MB
  • Added confirmation for “Turn off PC”, “Hibernate”, “Sleep Mode” or “Restart PC” in WinRAR. After 30 seconds, the set function is executed.
  • The context menu in the WinRAR file list provides the command “Open in internal viewer” for archive files.
  • the size of the recovery record is displayed on the archive page of the file properties
  • When adding files to encrypted RAR5 archives, if the password is incorrect, the password is now prompted again and is not canceled
  • The NoDrives value, which contains the bit mask for hiding drives, can now be retrieved from the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WinRAR\Policy. So far, only HKEY_CURRENT_USER has been possible.

Fixes in WinRar 6.20 Final

  • Archive change commands could fail on some ZIP archives with file comments
  • Correction of a memory leak when reading the contents of .tar.bz2 archives
  • if the source and destination archive formats are the same the archive conversion command did not set the original archive time to a newly created archive even if the original archive time option was selected in the archive parameters
  • If the “Merge contents from disks” option were enabled under “Settings/File List”, the size of the packed folders in the WinRAR file list when browsing the contents of an archive with multiple disks could be less than expected. The packed size of file parts that originated from the previous disk was not included in the calculation
  • Even if the Set File Security extraction option was turned off by default, the extraction commands in the Explorer context menu still attempted to restore the NTFS file security data.
  • New:¬†WinRAR was able to read data beyond the end of the buffer and crashed while unpacking files from specially crafted ZIP archives. We thank Bakker, who is working with the Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative, for bringing this bug to our attention.

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