WSA-Pacman version 1.3.2

WSA Pacman version 1.3.2
WSA Pacman version 1.3.2

You may have missed it, the WSA-Pacman update. WSA-Pacman is A GUI package manager and package installer for Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA). The latest build is 1.3.2 and comes with a few bug fixes you can read about down below.

WSA-Pacman 1.3.2 currently provides a double click GUI installer for .apk and .xapk files that shows app information (package, icon, version, and permissions), allows normal installations as well as upgrades and downgrades.

The app additionally provides a button to open Android settings and one to open the “Manage Applications” Android settings page, from which you can uninstall or disable applications and grant or revoke permissions

Changelog for WSA-Pacman 1.3.2


  • Fix packages with non-ASCII names (eg. Chinese) when ASCII short names are not enabled


  • Fix typo in connection status alert (unknown status)

Download: on GitHub