WSATools for Windows 11 working version

WSATools for Windows 11 working version
WSATools for Windows 11 working version

What is WSATools? It’s an easy to use apk installer for Windows Subsystem for Android.

The App is developed by Simone Franco from Italy. Install APKs (Android apps) without the need for the command line. WSATools for Windows 11 can now be downloaded and also works from version 0.1.50.

Features in WSATools for Windows 11

  • Explorer integration for APK files: double click and press install!
  • APK installation made easy: just a click away.
  • No need to install ADB and know its commands. WSATools takes care of everything!
  • If you already have the platform-tools package in your path, it will use that one!
  • More features coming soon!

GitHub page for Issues 🔧

Simone Franco: I’ve opened a GitHub page for WSATools. Right now it will be used to track the progress of my work, as I’ve put up a Projects page, but the most useful thing will be the ability to post Issues. Please do it, if you get stuck in the app, if something unexpected happens, if it crashes and so on. And even feature requests, yes. If you do, it will be easier for me to improve the app. The more details you put, the easier it will be for me to work on it.

Source code and releases on GitHub are coming soon. I still need to refactor everything and get rid of the spaghetti code mess 🤯

Download: Microsoft Store