WSL 0.58.0 Windows Subsystem for Linux Updated

WSL 0.58.0 Windows Subsystem for Linux
WSL 0.58.0 Windows Subsystem for Linux

If you are a big fan of working with Linux within Windows 10 or Windows 11, then you will definitely be interested in this.

Windows Subsystem for Linux WSL has been updated and is ready for download on GitHub. The new version number became 0.58.0.

The new build comes with some fixes, improvements, and changes you all can read more about down below.

Changelog for WSL 0.58.0 Windows Subsystem for Linux

  • Fix interop hang and hang when accessing \\wsl.localhost or \\wsl$ shares [GH 7883]
  • Add wsl.exe --import-in-place to take an existing .vhdx file and register it as a distro
  • Introduce --vhd flag for wsl.exe --import and wsl.exe --export operations
  • Suppress prints to stdout if using wsl.exe --export to export to stdout
  • Increase the default max size of the dynamic VHD to 1TB
  • Improve error logging in init binary
  • Register binfmt interpreter with the ‘P’ flag to preserve argv[0] [GH 8162]
  • Handle possible winrt exception when trying to determine if wsl.exe was launched via the start menu
  • Update Microsoft.WSLg version 1.0.32
    • Update system-disto mariner base image to 1.0.20220226
    • Fix WSLg failed to start when Windows’s user name contains single-quote (‘)
    • Add Hebrew (Standard) keyboard layout support.
    • Add US international keyboard layout support.
    • Restore to not rounding up monitor scaling factor.

Download: Update-WSL