WSL 0.61.4 update available

WSL 0.61.4 update available
WSL 0.61.4 update available

Microsoft released a new updated Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The new update comes with a lot of changes and some fixes.

Changelog for WSL 0.61.4

  • Add support for Explorer quick access icons without the WSL optional component installed.
  • Add support for shift + right-click Open Linux shell here option without the WSL optional component installed.
  • Remove WSLg icons when a distro is uninstalled.
  • Add WSLg environment variables to init and all children
  • Fix memory corruption in $WSLENV parsing
  • Update compiler toolchain to LLVM 14 and musl v1.2.3
  • Add support for .xz compressed tar files for wsl.exe --import operations (WSL2 only).
  • Adds the –shell-type command to the wsl.exe and wslg.exe help text.
  • Update Microsoft.WSLg to version 1.0.39
    • Update system distro’s CBL-Mariner to 2.0.
    • Build DirectX-headers from specific version source
    • Optimize remove/add event source when transferring clipboard data.
    • Clean up ‘todo’ coordinate conversion to client space for local window move
    • Check height instead of checking width a second time
    • weston_desktop_surface_set_size expects window geometry coordinates
    • Add API to remove program menu to RDP client plugin.
    • Add e2fsprogs to system distro for runtime dependencies.
    • Send window zorder list to RDP client before sending window update.
  • Update MSRDC to version 1.2.3213
    • Fix for [MSRDC] TS_PROP_IS_OOB_CLIENT is set incorrectly

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