WSL 0.70.8 Pre-release online

WSL 0.70.8 Pre release online
WSL 0.70.8 Pre release online

Microsoft released a new updated version of Windows Subsystem for Linux 0.70.8 (WSL). The new update brings some fixes and changes.

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Changelog for WSL 0.70.8

  • Fix various issues with plan9 logging
  • Do not print any status updates when exporting to stdout
  • Ensure /tmp/.X11-unix is not cleared by systemd [GH 9038]
  • Add HCS_E_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT to g_commonErrors
  • Add –enable-debug when building musl for better stacks
  • Retry block device operations on ENXIO
  • Fix race condition in the plan9 server causing ECONNREFUSED
  • Add SharedAccess host firewall rule
  • Update Microsoft.WSLg to version 1.0.47
    • WSLGd: fix relaunch weston with env
    • WSLG: update mariner to 2.0 official release
    • WSLGd: independently monitor child process for font monitor
    • WSLGd: add timestamp to log
    • WSLGd: redirect FreeRDP log to a file
    • WSLGd: Raise the NOFILE limit
    • WSLGd: misc updates (allow to load X cursor from user distro and etc.)
    • WSLGd: Include missing array header
    • system-distro: fix build error at mesa after mariner update
    • rdp shell: workaround get_position crash
    • rdp shell: fix missing va_end() call
    • rdp shell: make wslpath optional for obtaining windows path
    • rdp-backend: fix overactive assert
      Update Kernel to version
    • Update to stable kernel version v5.15.74
    • Enable the limit option (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_LIMIT) for iptables
    • Include fix for hvsocket read() hang

Download: Pre-Release